Friday, 6 August 2010

Portuguese Stamps- D. Maria II

For my first post I used a 1853 (possibly an 1863 re-impression*) Portuguese stamp. In these first Portuguese stamps, Queen Maria II (Queen of Portugal 1834-1853) is represented, like many of the early stamps of this period was printed in unperforated sheets. Portugal by printing this stamp became the 45th country to actually use stamps. There were 4.888.729 stamps printed of this particular specimen.

Queen Maria II of Portugal

It's also interesting that Queen Maria II died (giving birth to her 11th son) in the same year that these stamps were introduced so they weren't in circulation for very long.

I bought this one in Ebay for around 7.00£ though according to my catalogue it should be worth around 46.50£ (that's its value because it's damaged, if it was in better conditions the value would be much more substantial.)

*They were re-printed in 1863 to satisfy foreign demands.


  1. I have an original 1853 unperf, green 1st ed of this stamp. queen Maria II. 50r. It is in fine condition. can you tell me what it may be worth? It is a rare specimen. regards

  2. Hi! I'm not an expert but according to the the 2011 Afinsa Catalogue (depending on the type of colour)catalogue value should between €13.300.00 to €1.770.00 According to the 2009 Stanley Gibbons Stamps of the World Catalogue it would something like £3500. But as I said I am not an expert. Please note that it is nearly impossible to find someone who would sell any stamp for the full catalogue value and equally hard to find someone willing to pay that kind of amount.